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COVID-19 took the lives of brothers Tim (back left) and Harley (front right), and has left sister Shirlene (front left) continuing to experience long-haul symptoms.  
COVID-19 hit my family hard.

We are a family of six children (four girls and two boys); our parents and one sister passed before COVID-19 hit.  

Our youngest brother, Tim, was diagnosed with COVID-19  first and spent several weeks in the hospital. He was put on a ventilator and kept in a chemically induced coma for several weeks. His family finally made the decision to remove the ventilator, and he passed shortly after that. 

Our other brother, Harley, was diagnosed after Tim and taken to the hospital. His infection with COVID-19 was so severe that he lasted only three days after being admitted to the hospital, and then he too passed away. 

I was diagnosed with COVID-19 five days after my brother Harley passed and was taken to the ICU unit in the hospital for treatment which then turned into pneumonia. While there, I was treated with a BiPAP machine. I spent six weeks in the hospital, after which I was transferred to a rehab hospital, where I spent two months recovering. 

Upon returning home, I had several weeks of home health care and was finally able to return to work part-time and eventually full-time. I find that I still tire more rapidly and take longer to bounce back, but I am on the path to recovery. I attribute my recovery to the power of prayer. 

Our family greatly misses the two brothers we lost to COVID-19 and strongly encourages everyone to become vaccinated.

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