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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA
Walsh County

My husband and I went on vacation to Las Vegas. He had underlying health issues, compromising his immune system, but had been fully vaccinated. While on vacation, he became ill and was hospitalized in Las Vegas. He was not initially tested for COVID-19 because he did not have any symptoms. Later, we found out he had COVID-19.

He was hopeful that he would leave the hospital and come home. He had plans and was looking forward to spending time at the lake, as well as with grandkids. He battled with COVID-19 pneumonia. With daily increases of his oxygen levels, he still could not catch his breath. COVID impacted his heart and his kidneys and then he had multi system organ failure. This is not the result of our vacation we wanted. Ron passed away on the 18th of May with his family standing outside the room unable to hug him, sharing their love for him through the telephone line. COVID is a thief.

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