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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA
Sargent County

I guess one of the lucky ones.

I have been sick about a month and a half. It started with cough and no voice. At first I had no fever and no loss of smell or taste, overall I felt ok. I tested negative the 1st time, then positive the 2nd time- all within three days. I then lost my taste and smell, which are both still gone. Still no fevers chills.

Right after testing positive, I got the antibodies and guess that’s what saved me. I have a few underlying health issues and feel very lucky I am here today. It’s been about a month and a half today and I’m still having troubles. It is hard to breathe, and I still have no taste or smell. But, I thank the lord above that I’m here and can tell my story.

I had gone to a friend’s house in Hillsboro. There were three people there who were sick with colds, so I thought none of them were vaccinated. I got home and it continued for what felt like forever. My boyfriend then finally went and got tested and was positive. I was negative that time but went in three days later and was positive. My boyfriend was not vaccinated and that’s how I got the virus.

I was vaccinated with both shots. I have been told that’s why I wasn’t severely sick as I could have been. That’s what saved my life.

I suffer from shortness of breath, no taste, and no smell. I still have some cough and my voice hasn’t completely come back.

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