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Dickey County
I lost my mother to COVID.

I was a CNA and CMA at our local nursing home. My mother was a resident there. I quit my job when she entered the facility and began working there so I could be with her and help care for her. The facility was hiring a lot of travel aides from all over the country due to staff shortage. That’s how the virus got into our facility. They didn’t make the travel aides quarantine before starting work. My mother’s roommate got the virus as it worked its way up the hall from unit to unit.


My mother and I were positive on the same day, Monday, November 2, 2020. She and I felt fine until Wednesday. That’s when the symptoms started.


The first symptoms I had were in my chest/upper respiratory-like symptoms. I had a fever, chest fullness, and was very fatigued. I lost my sense of taste and smell a few days later. I felt better five days later, and then I really got sick two days after that. I felt very full in the chest, couldn’t get my air, just plain winded walking to the bathroom. I was not able to go back to work due to being so winded. This lasted for three months.


I was not allowed to work, so I watched via video as my mother got sicker and sicker every day. I was so sick the following week, and I knew I had to go to the hospital, but by November 9, my mother was dying. I knew when they video chatted with me and showed me her that she wasn’t going to last long.


I was allowed to come in and say goodbye to her. I then went to the hospital for care. The next evening, I video chatted again with staff, and they showed my mother to me, and she was in full dying mode. I begged to be let in, and I sat with her. She had a temp of 106. She was so full in her chest that I could feel her lungs crackle under my fingers. She was desperately trying to breathe.


After a couple of hours, I made the decision to have the nurse call the doctor and ask for a big dose of morphine so she could go peacefully. They gave it to her, and I waited 10 minutes, and then I took her oxygen off, and she opened her eyes and looked up at me as if to say, ” it’s ok, I’m ready to go,” and 10 minutes after that, she died.


I lost my mother to COVID.


I lost my daughter to COVID also.


She is still alive, but she started using drugs heavily when the pandemic hit. She just gave up and let the drugs take over her life.


She left me with both her young boys. One was 5 at the time, and the other was 7. I have custody of both. Due to the situation, my boyfriend left. He didn’t want to raise children.


I had no work for months. I am in debt since the pandemic and am barely hanging on. I have since found a job, but it’s so hard to make it with two boys to raise. Prices have skyrocketed, and it’s so hard.


I suffer from depression at times, but I have to keep going. My health isn’t the greatest, but I have two wonderful boys to get raised. I know that there must be so many in my shoes and others that probably have it worse than me. Somehow we just have to keep going. I thank God that at least he is watching over us, and, so far, we are hanging on. He must have angels watching over us to give me the strength to go on.


I have no immune system due to other autoimmune disorders I have prior to getting COVID. I still do not feel like I use to in my lungs. I have scarring from COVID on my lungs that was not there a few months prior to getting COVID. The doctors don’t know enough about COVID to tell me if it will get better. I will have another scan of my lungs later this year to see if there is any improvement.


I was not vaccinated at the time I contacted COVID. There were no vaccines at that time. I have since been vaccinated and am getting a 3rd booster in a few days to help protect me and the public. I have to do whatever it takes to protect myself, my family, and the community. Why would you not take it? If everyone gets vaccinated, the germ has a harder time living and spreading from host to host.


I have told everyone to get vaccinated, to not be scared, and to think of others. It’s the best thing we all can do. Get vaccinated, America!

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