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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

First let me say I was fully vaccinated as soon as possible because I have asthma and I am 63. I was able to get my first vax in San Diego, Pfizer on 3/22/21 and 4/12/21. I got my booster 10/22/22 in Bismarck – all Pfizer. I received flu and pneumonia vaccines as well.We have grandchildren to take care of in San Diego. We also want to keep the rest of our family and friends safe so have been careful when we go out etc.., we wear masks everywhere and even used plastic gloves when grocery shopping or would use order pick up when it was very bad, especially in San Diego.

We hadn’t heard of anyone close to us who had it (COVID-19) so I was surprised when I got sick. My chest and throat and sinuses were very congested. My lungs were tight and felt like asthma was acting up more than normal. I got tested November 19th. It was a rapid test, and it came out positive. I was kind of shocked but was feeling pretty rough by then. They also did a PCR test and that came back negative. The next day I was retested and both the rapid and the PCR came back negative. Meanwhile, my doctor’s nurse had lined up an infusion treatment at a hospital, still thinking, I was positive. This was eventually cancelled as I believed, at the time, that I was negative and sick with something else.

quarantined in an extra bedroom and spent most of my time sleeping. I never had a high temperature but felt at times like I was running a slight fever, as I had a few little chills. I could not get enough sleep and lost about 5 lbs. over all. I had constant coughing and lots of congestion throughout. I never lost my sense of smell or taste.

My daughter, who is a physician and knowledgeable about COVID-19, encouraged me to continue to quarantine until the end of ten days since had vaccinations, even though I had started to feel a bit better and started thinking I never had COVID, but I am still not sure of that.

I feel that there are false positive covid results and false negative results so how are we to be sure, especially if we don’t have the telltale signs, such as the loss of smell and taste. Anyway, I did continue to quarantine and will see my general practitioner three days from now and hope to get a few answers. I am hoping to get rid of the persistent symptoms of congestion, headaches and fatigue. I have a general foggy feeling after being in the house for so long.

I’ve been walking three miles a day, outside, for the last four days and that helps immensely. I am so glad to be getting better!! It would be interesting to know if my experience is similar to other vaccinated patients.

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