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It was very scary and sad to see so many of my friends become ill. And many died.

When I got COVID-19 in October 2020, I was in a skilled nursing facility recovering from an injury that was almost a year old. As I was soon healed, I was planning for my discharge and relocation to a lesser level of care and more independence. Within days of my planned discharge, I was diagnosed with COVID along with every other person in the facility and many of the staff.

It was very scary and sad to see so many of my friends become ill. And many died.

We were all under quarantine in our rooms and had to have all our meals in our rooms. We could only leave our room once a week to go to the shower room with a staff person. My window looked out to the facility’s rear driveway, and I would see the ambulance or funeral home come almost daily. It was so frightening and sad to watch this day after day.

I often wondered when would be my turn to be leaving in one of those vehicles. After we recovered and were able to take meals in the dining room again, I was able to see how many empty chairs and tables were left and identify who was missing. There were a lot of tears shed, and prayers were given for those we lost.
Fortunately, I was not hospitalized. I did run a high fever and had a severe headache along with symptoms of cold, cough, and aches and pains. There was no treatment given for my symptoms except for comfort measures and fluids.
I have some “brain fog,” as I call it, that causes me to have to think a bit harder and longer to recall something I am trying to say. I also have some trouble recalling certain words that I mean to say and have to substitute other words in place of what I intended.
I was vaccinated in January and feel fortunate to have been given the opportunity for the vaccine.
I would highly recommend that anyone who is given the opportunity to be vaccinated take it. It will protect you from not only getting COVID but also from spreading it to those who may not be as healthy or were not able to get the vaccine.
I feel it is our duty and responsibility as a community to get the vaccine to help control the spread of COVID and to protect ourselves and others.
I am a poet and decided to share my COVID experience through my poetry on my Facebook page and a local church. I call this “Covid at St. Rose.”

Covid at St. Rose
I was sitting with my tissues
And a blanket on my knees.
Just praying for some good news,
Something happy, dear God please!
The hours passed 5 days ago,
With worry, doubt and fear.
How can I have peace and calm
When I feel like death is near?
What is this stranger lurking
Right outside my bedroom door?
Ready to pounce upon my chest
And throw me to the floor!
I’ve seen and read the stories,
Friends and lovers gone too soon.
Grandpas sent to heaven,
Families being left in ruin.
And suddenly that monster
Was no longer left outside,
But came right in and joined me,
Taking my body for a ride!
They called it Covid-19
The words were hard to hear.
For me, my friends, my family,
We’re surrounded by the fear!
The fever, chills and trembling,
Stuffy head and running nose.
Body aches and soreness,
As my temperature rose.
And suddenly that monster
That encircled me in fright,
Was cowering outside my door
And leaving in the night.
That Covid monster left me,
As swift as he had come.
And as I get my strength back,
I am certain that I’ve won!
The fight was not a long one,
But a hard one that’s for sure.
Thank God was there to help me,
With healing hands and love so pure.
God placed the nurses near me,
And caretakers moving fast.
They put their lives in jeopardy,
To make sure that mine would last.
They say it takes a village
To help a child thrive.
It took the St. Rose Care Team
To keep us all alive!
With many heartfelt Thank Yous!
Some prayers sent high above.
You’ve earned your wings in heaven,
Thank you all, with all my LOVE!!
—–Karol Dupree—

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