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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA
Morton County

After getting sick back in May (sore throat and 2 weeks of cold sweats), my doctor thought I suddenly had Bipolar 2 with an onset of Dementia. My symptoms are worsening over time.

I cannot seem to function MOST of the time. Periodic low fevers, confusion, ringing in my ears, chest pains, muscle pain, brain on fire, face and chest compression muscle spasms, can’t remember, cannot multitask, swollen glands, swelling in the back of my neck, fatigue, bad ticks, cannot get my words right, cannot organize, eyes not working right, dry mouth, teeth hurt, muscle spasms, smell off, taste nothing, hard time remembering how to spell. Face feels strange. Can’t even remember which is fork or spoon. BAD BRAIN FOG. DIZZY. HAVE TO LAY DOWN MOST OF THE TIME. Can’t remember how to spell – thankful for spellcheck.

I didn’t even know I had had COVID. I didn’t go anywhere or go around people back then. 7 months now I think, and my symptoms are worse.

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