I cannot seem to function MOST of the time. Periodic low fevers, confusion, ringing in my ears, chest pains, muscle pain, brain on fire, face and chest compression muscle spasms, can’t remember, cannot multitask, swollen glands, swelling in the back of my neck, fatigue, bad ticks, cannot get my words right, cannot organize, eyes not working right, dry mouth, teeth hurt, muscle spasms, smell off, taste nothing, hard time remembering how to spell.



I tested positive for COVID-19 on September 16, 2020. I coughed the first couple of days, it was dry and hacky and constant. Then, after a day I started to notice my taste and smell were gone. It’s been a year and a month now and I still hardly smell and taste anything. Some things are foul, and most of the time I don’t taste anything. It is hard to eat with no taste.



It’s always frustrating to me when I hear the statistics in ND of those people who have ‘recovered’ from COVID. It has been 13 months since my COVID-19 illness and I’m far from recovered.